“Matt is an excellent listener, working each and every appointment to address pain management issues with new and creative techniques. He is of exceptional character and moral integrity.” May 24, 2011

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, Creative

1st Theresa Zerrenner,
hired Matthew as a Acupuncturist in Chinese Medicine in 2010, and is a now a regular patient.


Matt has been my #1 go-to healer over the past decade for a wide variety of ailments; all of which have been of extremely short-term duration I am sure due to his treatments. From migraines, sciatica, extreme stress, insomnia, and high anxiety levels due to smoking-cessation, Matt’s treatments always bring me back to life. They are restorative and ignite the body’s ability to heal.

Paula Massenaro, Esq.


Matthew McCabe practices Traditional Chinese Acupuncture in a caring and loving way. He is thorough and astute and for these reasons his treatments are very effective. One of the Four Examinations of classical acupuncture is the Listening Examination: Matt excells at this. This means that he follows your complaints, pains, concerns, etc. for a better understanding of your condition. Personally, I have been trained in TCM, qigong and Taji and Taoist arts. Matt has a great understanding of qi (energy) and thus he has been keeping my head well above water for several years (as I've gone through various challenges) with his acupuncture treatments. Several of my students and friends also benefit from his acupuncture on a regular basis.

Roy Lucianna, M.A., Qigong Therapist (TM), Practitioner of TCM and Acupressure, First Dan Taiji quan and Qigong teacher.